Benefits of Herbal Healing

5 Ultimate Benefits of Herbal Healing

Benefits of Herbal Healing drinksYou might be wondering why you should considering planting, harvesting, and processing herbs for medicinal purposes; so to help you further, the following are the top benefits of herbal healing:

  1. Risks of Negative Side Effects are Reduced – strong pharmaceutical medications are known to most likely cause negative health-related effects on patients, especially if the ingredients or compounds used in the manufacture of such drugs are unknown. Medicinal plants, especially when they are not artificially processed, are safer for most patients, more so if used for a long time.
  2. Budget-Friendly – this is something that is strongly worth considering, aside from their effectivity. The drugs or medications that your doctor will mostly prescribe have their tendencies to be more expensive. Medicinal herbs, shrubs, roots and even fungi are less expensive, and can often times be planted and harvested at very little cost.
  3. Easier to Find. And because you will be starting your very own medicinal garden, you will surely feel a whole lot better knowing that you can simply take a walk around your lawn or garden, and you will be able to replenish your stock of medication. You do not have to run or drive to several pharmacies to find the pills that your doctor has prescribed.
  4. Long Term Effectivity and Health Benefits – compared to pharmaceutical drugs, simple medicinal plants, especially when used properly, are less addicting. This means that you can continue to make your chamomile and peppermint tea as part of your daily breakfast, without having to worry about negative effects. As a matter of fact, the longer you take them, the healthier you become.
  5. Great for Simple Ailments and as Health Supplements – for colds, coughs, rashes and other simple ailments, medicinal herbs are expected to work at their best, especially when not artificially processed. They can also be great health supplements to replace those vitamin tablets that claim to be naturally produced. However, you may also want to take note of the fact that while herbal medicines can help keep you healthy and can also aid in the prevention of the development of serious illnesses, they cannot be your ultimate drug to heal pre-existing serious medical conditions. It would still be best to contact your physician or specialist with regard to dealing with such instances.

Benefits of Herbal Healing mint Benefits of Herbal Healing mints Benefits of Herbal Healing

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Different Ways to Process Medicinal Herbs Naturally

If you are like me, you would be very conscious of the handling and processing of medicinal herbs. Not only did I want to make sure that none of their healing benefits gets stripped off in the process, but I also wanted to make sure that I do not produce something that is unhealthy. There are several ways to process naturally or prepare different herbs for medicinal purposes. And these procedures do not need any fancy gadgets or a whole lot of complicated scientific methods to pull off. These methods are perfect, especially for beginners in this type of practice. Not only will you learn how to prepare properly your herbs, but you will also get that encouragement that you need to get really into the practice of using natural healing ingredients or substances.


This process is necessary if you intend to make teas out of the herbs that you will be harvesting. Drying can be done naturally, or you can toast the leaves instead. While this is not necessarily for the newbies, it would surely be helpful if you are aware of this, in case you would like to take this tea making practice seriously. Dried up herbs can also be grounded into fine powder.



Using fresh or dried herbs, you can use the appropriate solvent to help you extract the essential nutrients from the leaves. The easiest way to extract what you need is to boil them in water. Now, this is more useful if you are dealing with tougher parts of herbs such as barks, roots, and stalks.

Process Medicinal Herbs 2



This is similar to tea making. You simply place your herbs in a heatproof bowl, cup or bottle and pour boiling water in it. You can let the mixture sit for a few hours or minutes, sometimes days before you can remove the herbs and drink the infused water.

Process Medicinal Herbs



This is probably the easiest way to go through herbal treatment since you can simply use the water used for boiling herbs when you take a bath.

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Maceration and Pounding

Maceration and Pounding.

This is another way to drink or ingest medicinal herbs. Steeping succulent or soft herbs in water overnight and strained can be taken as is or mixed in with your healthy juices. The pounded ones are perfect for those with skin conditions. Simply pound the leaves, stalks or roots and apply on the affected skin or area.



Direct Ingestion.

There are herbs that would work more when taken in its purest or unprocessed form. Patients will chew and eat the leaves instead.

Herbs for Healing: Herbalism and Its Benefits

Herbs for Healing: Herbalism and Its Benefits

The practice of healing the sick has been going on since the beginning of human civilization. Our ancient ancestors have been using different methods, which mostly involve plants and plant-based products – particularly herbs and essential oils – to heal medical conditions from rashes, cuts, and scrapes, even up to the more serious type illnesses. And while the medical world has become more and more experimental and adventurous, and through the introduction of more modern and medical practices and procedures, these advancements cannot deny the fact that it all started with the use of plants.

Why You Should Use Herbs Daily


These days, people have been so reliant on artificially or laboratory processed medication. And more often than not, these pills cause different types of side effects, which people tend just to brush aside because their original symptoms are getting healed. But why should one settle for side effects when there are more natural ways to heal the sick, relieve pain and even prevent life-threatening reactions?


Now, it is time to once again give herbs the right kind of exposure, to put them under the spotlight, where they truly belong. It is time for you to learn what every beginner should know about beginning of human civilization. Our ancient ancestors have been usinand more.


The Concept of Herbalism


The practice of using plants such as herbs, for purposes of healing and medication is known as herbalism. Also referred to as herbal medicine or herbology, this makes use of different types of herbs to create natural remedies for different types of sickness. Now, this is not an entirely new concept or practice since herbal medicine has been used since the ancient times. And because more and more people are going for all natural treatments and methods of healing, it is quickly regaining its popularity. In fact, it has been proven that herbology followers are increasing each day.


This method also pertains to the use of herbs in the creation of pharmaceutical products that are sold all over the world. Even doctors prescribe plant-based supplements and medications – which can be easily bought at your local drugstores or pharmacies. However, we are not talking about these off the counter pills and tablets. We are talking about organically nurtured and naturally processed herbs that can be taken as is or processed in a way that does not require the involvement of artificial ingredients, unnatural methods and big-time factory or manufacturing equipment. What we are encouraging you to do is to try planting your medicinal herbs and processing them in the most eco-friendly and non-toxic way possible. After all, these are better when they are “au-naturele.”